Recently, I have been spending more time with my arse in the air than on my throne. Get your mind out of the gutter please. It’s not like that. I have decided to take up yoga. Why? Still not sure. It originally seemed to make sense because of my hip. Stretch it. Get it moving again. But there have been some other quite unexpected results. I most definitely feel about 30-40% more heroic.

As anyone with any inflammatory disorder knows, for some inexplicable reason (gremlins), the morning is always the hardest part of the day. Either my hip is stiff or my stomach is dodgy. Now I understand how movement can help with joint pains and aches; and help loosen the muscles (is that the appropriate use of a semi colon). But I have been noticing that after the practice, my stomach feels fine. Not sure what the cause of this is (again…gremlins).

I have been trying to look online (wikipedia) for a link between exercise and pain relief. Most of what I have found shows that there is a link between exercise and joint and muscular pain relief. Which again makes sense. But I was trying to look at the chemical side of exercise. So this is a call to arms for all people studying people (not stalkers). Is there is chemical link between exercise and chronic pain relief. As in, does a chemical get released into the body during exercise that inhibits the pain receptors in the brain.

It’s an interesting idea but maybe I am thinking too much into it. As this only really happens when I do my yoga, there may be something about the yoga practice itself. There are many stories of people loosing there legs and growing them back again with yoga or whatever, and they mostly sound too good to be true (and not enough credit given to the gremlins). But having noticed this difference, I am changing the way I think. It may be the meditative aspect of it that is pushing the pain out of my head, or maybe the practice is helping me flush out the toxins in my body. Anyway, I am feeling great.

I train at a place called the Training Temple (link below) and would highly recommend it (because my word is law).

Now while you take a gander at that, have a listen to (and watch) the below video from Driving Lolita. Proper gets you in the mood for training…or raving…or both!