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Sup funky monkeys. I know it has been a while but I genuinely have a valid excuse. Been in Thailand for the past month. Yes I can hear your cries of disbelief from here. What was I thinking, right. I mean I have Crohn’s. I should be following a strict regiment of healthy foods and drugs. Lots of freaking drugs. And doctors. Lots of freaking doctors. Well to all you who feared for me, I say thank you. To all of you who didn’t, I say thank you (I appreciate the faith).

My disease has held me back greatly. Maybe not physically but mentally. I have spent many many years being angry, and even to this day I can have irrational bouts of anger that stem from having Crohn’s. It is not so much feeling sorry for myself but just being angry at feeling diseased for want of a better word. Abnormal. Whatever. Being constantly questioned about my health is a constant reminder that I am unwell. Being reminded that I am unwell is frustrating. This is one of the main reasons I find liberty in solitude.

Anyway, Thailand and Crohn’s. Crohn’s is obviously an autoimmune disorder. Probably not that obvious if you don’t have it and I have not mentioned it before but take my word for it, it is. This is down to an over active immune system and can be linked to similar autoimmune disorders such as spondylitis and eczema. It is not fully understood how it is triggered but there are many theories and different theories to treatment/cure. One theory is known as Helminthic Therapy. This is where hookworms and other parasites are introduced to the body. This gives the immune system a target to exercise on rather than attacking the body. This type of treatment and shown various degrees of success but there is a link below to read up a bit more on it.

Anyway what does all this have to do with Thailand? Well I felt like I thrived in Thailand. The pace of life and the amazing people I met on the way made me forget my disease. As they say, out of sight out of mind. And as my Crohn’s can be triggered by the stress of having Crohn’s, I didn’t think about it at all (unless I was taking my Humera). This was awesome. Also the whole Helminthic Therapy thing. I mainly ate street food. Which is some of the best food I have ever eaten, but not necessarily the cleanest. everything is out in the Thai heat and cooked right there on the street.

I never got ill from eating street food and I think it was because of the preparation of it. My immune system actually had something to do. My mind was occupied and my immune system was occupied so it didn’t have time to worry about Crohn’s. I dunno but that is my theory, and I have never been wrong. About anything. Ever. I can’t even type that with a straight face. Anyway one thing I have comeback thinking is that people hear in the UK need something wholesome to occupy their minds from the relentlessness of life here. Not mind numbing because that is not good. Never has been. Having a numb leg sucks so why would you want that for your mind. Not sure what that would be yet but it is an idea.

I am going to finish this is the tune of the holiday. Ever since I was shown this song I have probably listened to it once a day. Cheers Leigh. Temple.

Man this 12 Days of Supplements thing is taking ages. Seemed like such a good idea when I started. It still is a good idea but I am just being lazy. Plus I have loads of other things I want to talk about. But lets stick with the supplements for now and not get sidetracked. Anyone remember magnesium from primary school science? Burns with a bright light and therefore awesome? It looked like the chemical equivalent of a HADOUKEN! That is actually the chemical term. Check any chemistry book. I dare you. Well it is also a super cool supplement.

According to the NHS (anyone that pronounces that ‘nahus’ has been watched way to much Ali G aaaiiiight) it helps turn the food that we eat into energy and also helps produce the hormones that are important for bone health. Taking vast amounts of steroids decreases bone density so this is an important supplement. Usually it does not need to be taken as a supplement as we should be getting all we can from a healthy and balanced diet. Hands up if you are currently having a healthy and balanced diet. Exactly.

Check this bit below from WebMD:

Severe magnesium deficiencies are rare. They are more likely in people who:

  • Have kidney disease
  • Have Crohn’s disease or other conditions that affect digestion
  • Have parathyroid problems
  • Take antibiotics or drugs for diabetes or cancer
  • Are older adults
  • Abuse alcohol

Ahhh see anything interesting there. How about the bit where is says ‘Severe magnesium deficiencies are rare. They are more likely in people who have CROHN’S DISEASE OR OTHER CONDITIONS THAT AFFECT DIGESTION. SAY WHAAT! For reals y’all. Seriously I feel like less of a moron now for taking it without question. But still it is always good to question.

So while this may not necessarily help my Crohn’s, it will help other factors and parts of my body that are affected by my Crohn’s and this goes back to my original reason for starting this blog. No doctor told me that there could be a chance I was magnesium deficient and that could affect my bones and energy because they don’t look at the body holistically. They focus on one area and try and fix it without considering the fact that they might be doing damage somewhere else. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful because I am very lucky to have been seen by some amazing doctors under the NHS but there comes a time when I have to take my health into my own hands.

Finally I would like to appeal to everything reading this. I would like to put together am IBD meet up group based in London to give other suffers a place to voice there experiences, good or bad, and generally just share what they have discovered about themselves while having this disease. Also I would like to use it as an excuse to find some good, IBD friendly food places to ransack. If this is something that you would like to be involved in or you know anyone that has any form of IBD that you think may benefit from talking to others in a similar situation then please get in contact at I am hoping to organise the first meet at the end of Feb or beginning of March so spread the word and get in touch. Thanks.

Beat time. A tune that should be an IBD anthem.