No clue why I called my blog post ‘Tea for every occasion’. I like occasions and I like tea. I really like tea. All teas. And biscuits. Recently I have been quite ill. I think I got a stomach bug or something but it took it out of me. Obviously it was made worse with the Crohn’s and since Humera is an immuno-suppressant, it took me like a month to get over it and recover. But, one thing that I found helped was fennel tea, which I have a hilarious anecdote about. These are the kind of anecdotes that make me the life and soul of every occasion.

So we were having a big family dinner with Cousins and Aunties and jokes and jokes. While everyone was enjoying their wine I was on the teas and obviously everyone was curious why I was drinking tea with bits in it. So I explained “You see, I think I have a stomach bug at the moment and I find fennel tea really helps calm it down”. There were gasps of wonder because instead of using a fennel tea bag, I just used fennel seeds in hot water. Super tasty with something to chew on at the end. Plus we didn’t have any of the tea bags. No one round the table had ever considered such nonsense but they saw the sense of what I was saying and I would like to think I changed some lives that evening.

Moral of this awesome story and my heroic tea is that when you’re unwell, sometimes the simplest solutions are right in the cupboard behind the sugar. Which is not only an analogy for just looking past the sugar and eating healthily (is an analogy still awesome if you have to explain it) but in my case, physically true.

Anyway, I am keeping this post short. Like when you haven’t been to the gym in ages and need to take it slow. Its like that. I shall leave you with some boom bap.