How de do! Figured I might as well write a post, in between watching episodes of Dragon Ball Z, as I haven’t done so in a while. I haven’t really got too much to say to be honest. It was my birthday the other day and I turned 26. Thanks to those who sent me birthday messages, and to those who didn’t, I will remember this when I eventually rule the universe.

It is strange to think how priorities and the understanding of ourselves change as we get older. I know I am only 26 and I not trying to sound like a profound tool, but this is something that I have realized with this last birthday. The time between my 25 and 26 birthday’s flew by so fast that I didn’t think I had changed much, but 365 days is plenty of time for shit to go down. I had an aggressive Crohn’s flare up and a super aggressive spodylitis flare up. I started and left a job. I reached a pretty awesome level of physical fitness (bordering Super Saiyan) and lost it all.

I am back on a good path now working with loads of amazing people to get me to the place I want to be. I have realized, that by having these disorders, I have the capability to be better than I was without them. Because I have to research lots into diet and exercise, I have the capabilities to be stronger than I was before. I can rebuild me. I have the technology. I do not have the $4,000,000 backing but I do the best with what I have.

Obviously I am simplifying everything because putting down what I am thinking would take forever and a crack team of psychoanalysts to decode. Basically what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (which is obviously a load of rubbish but has some weight in this situation). At the same time I know what it is like not wanting to feel ill any more. I have had Crohn’s for nearly 10 years now and apart from the physical damage, the psychological affects are really starting to make themselves apparent.

This is not a battle. This is a war, and I have learned more about fighting it in this past year than I have done previously. I always took it on the chin and remained positive but that can also be detrimental. Just ignoring what is actually going on rather than tackling it. I am not sure if I am talking rubbish or not. Don’t seem to really have any structure in what I am saying.

Would be great to hear from other Crohnies to see what they think and how they are dealing with their disease.

Lets end with a banger.