HAPPY NEW YEAR! New year, new resolutions, same world. Not sure what that is supposed to mean (my own cynicism probably). There is quite a few things I want to talk about including carrying on writing about supplements. Still finding all that stuff really interesting. Firstly the reason for my hiatus. It is mainly due to my health. I finished my job just under a month about and came out of it during a flare up. Spent the next week or so in bed and took me quite a while to recover. To be honest, I am only now starting to feel a little bit normal. Back to training and eating healthy.

One thing that I am in the process of coming to terms with is the lack of stability in my life. I went to the hospital yesterday and there is a very real possibility that I will need another operation in the future. Obviously I am going to everything I can to prevent that and that means fully changing my lifestyle. I have already improved leaps and bounds in my diet and I have stopped drinking. Didn’t even drink on NYE. How good is that? Very good I hear you say. Thank you. But that conversation got me thinking about how much my life is like a wave. Massive ups and downs, the goal being to make the most of the peaks to prevent the troughs.

I have an exciting and horrible feeling that this is going to be a make or break year for me. I have given myself a couple of months to get myself back on track. But I now need to start thinking about making sure my life takes into consideration my disease. Don’t worry if I am not making sense. I actually don’t really understand what I am saying but I am trying. That is all I can do right. I am also going to be organizing a meet up for other people with Crohn’s. It hopefully will be in conjunction with UCLH but if not then it will just be at a coffee shop somewhere (location ideas accepted, I was thinking Leon’s). As soon as I have more of a plan finalized then I will let y’all know.

So the supplement I wanted to talk about was Omega oils and fish oils. I have always been told to take them for my joints and skin. But why? I don’t know? Do you know? No? Well let me carry on then. Rude. These omega oils (predominately omega 3 and 6) are known as essential fatty acids and the reason it is so important that we take these as supplements is that our body does not make them ourselves (itself? I don’t know the proper grammar for that) (actually I don’t know proper grammar full stop (grammar pun…boo ya)) (seriously what the hell is a semi colon).

They are mainly found in fish oils but generally people don’t eat enough fish (hence the supplements). They are super duper for the heart and have been known to reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease. AND (check this out), Professor Bruce Caterson of Cardiff University showed that the essential fatty acids in fish oils “switch off enzymes that cause inflammation and pain of arthritis”. I literally copy and pasted that last sentence from the Guardian website so it must be true. How super cool is that. Anyway give them a go along side your new years resolution to eat healthier and generally be less of an awful human being. Not saying you are but that is what new years resolutions do. ‘Oh I suck at this’ or ‘oh I need to do this’. Seriously no one cares that you change your whole life in January. Fix up for the rest of the year and people will notice. And that is my angry rant over. Man I feel happier.

New Years TUNEAGE!!! This dude is from Brazil and is awesome!