Yes I missed yesterday’s blog. Wanna fight about it. I am making it up by writing about two different supplements today. I have no good excuse for missing yesterday. Spent the day just hanging out and putting it off until I just plain forgot, and then my dog ate it. Actually I have a question for you guys on the other side of this screen. Does sarcasm come across well in a blog? I feel that pretty much everything that I say that is not serious exists somewhere on the sarcasm scale. I can’t help it.

The first supplement is called SerraEnzyme. Now I actually received a book about this supplement called ‘The Miracle Enzyme’. I had everything great intension of reading this book but then my dog ate it. Turns out it is really long too. The main character however is pretty cool, it is the silkworm. The supplement is chemically synthesized but it was originally discovered in the gut of a silkworm where it is used to dissolve the cocoon (not to be mistaken for the film) when the worm transforms into a moth. Gross right. So why take it?

Dr. Hans Nieper is a German physician who has had great success in using the serraenzyme to promote good heart function and a good circulatory system, especially after heart surgery. The main health benefit however, being from it’s supposed anti inflammatory effects. I say supposed as studies are still being undertaken. It is felt in the medical profession that the evidence is not substantial enough to warrant taking it. Are the affects of the drug psychosomatic? Maybe. But there is no harm in currently taking it. There are been a number of testimonials claiming the benefits of this stuff are great. Studies have already shown that it has the ability to break down dead tissue so the benefits of taking it are already there. As far as the anti-inflammatory affects are, maybe the science needs to catch up.

I think that is everything I am taking done but there are a few things that maybe I should be. One massive one is iron supplements. I have always been insanely anemic to the point where I had to have an iron infusion this time last year. I can assure you it was not pleasant. For about a week after, I was aching all over so now I try and keep my iron levels topped up by various mean. Supplement it in my diet rather than take capsule supplements. I am typing supplement so often that it is starting to lose its meaning. Supplement supplement splendiement snoasiomwse. But anyway I try and eat foods high in iron.

The reasons for taking iron is obvious. It is active part of the haemoglobin molecule in the red blood cell. Without it, the molecule would not be able to bind oxygen to itself and you would die from a massive case of oxygenlessness. One of the main side affects of having low iron (that I experienced) is fatigue. That is the medical term for being constantly knackered. My situation is different as my gut finds it difficult to absorb the iron which is why it is a waste of money for me to supplement it by capsules. Everyone should make a conscious effort to have foods high in iron or take the capsules.

I am going to keep this up but here is a tune show to me by my cousin. Did make me very happy.