Who is excited about Christmas. I sure am. Have you done your Christmas shopping? Why not get your loved ones some…SUPPLEMENTS! It’s the gift that keeps on giving until the tub runs out and you can’t be bothered to buy more because supplements are unreasonably expensive. I mean they are great and all but seriously. £10 for cod liver oil. No thank you. Give me a cod and a cheese grater and I will make my own (I quite clearly don’t know how cod liver oil is made but I am willing to try in the name of science). For the record, I don’t grate fish and I’m not talking about cod liver oil today. Today it is probiotics.

Probiotics is a very deceiving name because it encompasses a range of micro organisms found in the gut. Depending what brand you get varies what bacteria (that is what I meant by micro organism) you ingest. I’m sure there is nothing I can tell you about probiotics that you haven’t heard already from a Yakult advert. When taking antibiotics (which I am sure all of us have done at some point unless you live under a sterile rock) your body looses the good as well as the bad bacteria. Probiotics help restore this balance.

By having a healthy gut, it has an affect on everything. Seriously this wikipedia article is massive with the areas it affects. Allergies, diarrhea, lactose intolerance, cholesterol, blood pressure, immune function, inflammation, eczema and the list goes on into infinity (and beyond). Harvard Medical School also released an interesting article about the benefits of probiotics. Although they say that it is best to take them when having diarrhea, they do say that there may be benefit for Crohn’s suffers to take them too. They do cover their back by saying that more research is needed.

Sorry pretty rubbish one today. I know I am slacking. Tomorrow will be better but let that not take away from the importance of probiotics.