Oh my golly gosh I am shattered. I love me a bit of blogging after a day of work. I’m sure you all have had that feeling where you just want to come home, curl up and get researching. I want you to know that I resent you all for this. Kidding. It’s all love. One good thing about doing this at the end of the day is that it did give me plenty of time to think about what my supplement of choice will be. And boy have I picked a doozy. Not sure why I am writing like a Loony Toons character. Now shhhhhhh…I’m hunting facebook likes (YOU)!

 Hyaluronic acid! If you are anything like me, you saw it started with an ‘H’ and ended with ‘acid’ and immediately called it Hydrochloric acid in your head. Am I right? It’s not obviously because last time I checked, hydrochloric acid cause acute cases of burning insides when ingested. So what is Hyaluronic acid then? Most people actually use it without even knowing. It is a fairly common ingredient in many skin creams. ‘I am spreading acid on my face and nether regions! How have I not melted?’ I hear you exclaim. Well there is a very simple explanation. Science. Science and magic.

 One of its most effective properties is it’s ability to promote tissue healing. It is often used after cataract surgery for this reason. It is also a major component of skin (hence the creams, told you there was a simple explanation) where its main function is again involved in tissue repair. It is a component of synovial fluid (fluid between the joints for all you people who think google is just a porn interface) which is another great reason for me to take it. In 2007 the European Medical Agency actually approved its use as a treatment for ankle and shoulder osteoarthritis. The molecule itself again is found in the cartilage between joints (and I need all I can get) where it absorbs water to prevent the cartilage shrinking under pressure.

I am super tired now but that is Hyaluronic acid in a nutshell. ‘Nother day ‘nother tune. Thats all folks.