For today, I closed my eyes and just picked a random tub in my potions drawer. I ended up pulling out my Vitamin D supplement so this is what I will be writing about. Interestingly enough, the actual tub say’s is supports ‘healthy moods and immune system’. No more mood swings for me. Unless you touch my food. Thats when I turn into Elmer Fudd and declare it moron hunting season. Stay away from my plate and we are alright.

This particular brand of supplements are also gluten free which is great because apparently I have an intolerance to it. Vitamin D and its benefits are fairly common knowledge so why talk about it. Well I am going to do my best to talk about it in relation to Crohn’s and Spondylitis. It’s main natural source is from the sun which is why God decided to cover Britain in the thick sheet of cloud so we don’t get distracted by its overwhelming happiness. Cynicism rules.

As it is a well known that it is essential for the body, there has been lots of research done on it (which means I actually have to read stuff and not make it up). It is responsible for enhancing the absorption of Calcium and Phosphate through the intestine. Crohn’s mangles your intestines and steroids (a common go to medication to stop Crohn’s flare up’s) decrease the bone density in your body. So if your body can’t physically absorb calcium and you are actively decreasing the bone density in your body, than you are going to end up like Samuel L Jackson in ‘Unbreakable’ (totally breakable).

Just going through wikipedia and show the many benefits of vitamin D and the most essential ways of getting it. The only other that I can see would directly affect Crohn’s and Spondylitis suffers, is that it helps boost the immune system. Now as both these disorders is due to an overactive immune system, I don’t think this is that useful but, as a preventative supplement it is fantastic. By that, I mean that when we are better and our immune system is not trying to kill us than it is great. It will help build our bone density when we come off the steroids after a flare up and strengthen is further incase it happens again (not saying it will). Taking them orally is great but obviously the best form of Vitamin D is a holiday. If only that was on the NHS.

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