That fact that I have actually made it to day 2 should show that I have turned over a new leaf. Another reason that I really wanted to do this is that this week is IBD awareness week. Please if you or anyone you know has any form of IBD than please check this out and get in contact. You are not alone and it is fully possible to take your life if your own hands. Hopefully these supplement posts will help showcasing some alternatives (even though I still haven’t decided what I am writing about but have already picked the tune, I am useless).

Let me have a quick rummage through my potion cabinet. I have so many supplements and potions at the moment that if this was the 1500s, my mum would have totally been burned at the stake for being a witch. Not that she looks like one mind you (just as a fyi because she might beat me…not that she beats me). Looks like I’m getting a shovel this Christmas from my Mum.

Ok I have picked one. I am currently taking a yarrow tincture. I currently know nothing about this stuff so lets have a look. Yarrow is again a plant found in Europe, Asia and North America. So a good chunk of the habitable planet. I mean it would be pretty useless if it only grew in Antarctica. What I am taking looks like the distilled oils from the plant. These oils are mixed with about a quarter glass of water and knocked like a shot of Black Label on New Years. It tastes actually quite nice as it is quite aromatic and I was told that this would help heal the cuts and whatnot inside my body. Apparently my insides look like Rocky’s outsides in Rocky Balboa. Beat down.

This is another plant that has been used around the world since ancient times. It was used in China for I Ching divination and in Europe for wounds and cuts. The distilled oils are used as an anti-inflammatory (makes sense why I was given it) and the leaves contain a coagulant which is why it is used in the treatment of wounds. This property of increasing the rate of blood clotting is another reason why I am probably taking it. Not only does it help blood clotting but it also increases circulation (which is something I also need to do, apparently my blood takes ages to pass ‘Go’ and collect £200) and can also be used for high blood pressure.

Considering this yarrow is an anti-inflammatory and promotes blood clotting, it is no surprised I was given it. If there is inflammation inside that is bleeding than this will help. Only time will tell its full affect on me but I have an open mind and am willing to give it a go. Until tomorrow.