On the first day of Supplement my true love gave to me, a capsule with some Haldi (aka Turmeric)

This blog has been going on for a year now. Crazy. Seem like yesterday we first met. It has been nice that people have been reading and feeling inspired and it has also helped me loads too. I thank everyone who read this for that. Now it is time I start ramping this up. Need to get the word out that it is ok to feel pain but there are alternatives. As a sort of 1 year going thing, I am doing 12 straight posts about various different supplements and foods to help various different ailments. Not saying that I am taking them all, but I will be starting with everything I am taking. I will also try my hardest to stick to the rhyme scheme because I am a lyrical genius and I spit hot fire.

What has already been discovered about Turmeric could fill quite a massive blog post but I know I am going to spend most of it talking rubbish as I am known to do. Turmeric is part of a ginger family which is widely known for its medicinal properties. It is used a lot in Indian cooking but has also been used in Auyurvedic medicine since about 1900bc. It was used to treat a range of illnesses such as exzema and fevers. Usually mixed with milk and drunk, but also made into a paste and used topically. That is easily the longest I have gone without making an uncomfortable joke. Who is proud of me?

Obviously all of the above was from wikipedia but because of its wide used and various health claims, there has been lots of research into turmeric. Loads of people on that recent show ‘Health Freaks’ used it. But they also used wacky stuff like coffee enema’s so I wouldn’t put too much faith in the general public. There has been a recent study in UCLA showing that functional component of tumeric (curcumin) appears to block the enzyme that is linked with head and neck cancer. Now please don’t quote me on this. I am not a doctor or shaman or whoever you see. I am just your friendly neighborhood Shaanvir, reading stuff on the internet and passing it off as my own.

Further studies have shown its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is basically the Superman of supplements. There are very few side affects of taking daily turmeric capsules. There have been a few cases of nausea and diarrhea but lets face it, there side affects you get from most western medicine is way worse. When I was on methotrexate, I used to get madly depressed every Wednesday. It took me about a year to figure out I was feeling like this and realized that it was because of the methotrexate which I was taking every Monday. Crazy stuff.

Turmeric is awesome basically. Raw is best but obviously not super tasty so try looking for the capsules. You can put it in all your food and even mix it with a glass of warm milk and honey right before you go to sleep. I don’t care how unmanly that sounds. I will still be doing more research and if there are any other supplements you want me to look at before this is done than let me know.

I am going to leave you with The Black Keys. Great tune. Enjoy and I will speak to y’all tomorrow. Night.