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 Yes I missed yesterday’s blog. Wanna fight about it. I am making it up by writing about two different supplements today. I have no good excuse for missing yesterday. Spent the day just hanging out and putting it off until I just plain forgot, and then my dog ate it. Actually I have a question for you guys on the other side of this screen. Does sarcasm come across well in a blog? I feel that pretty much everything that I say that is not serious exists somewhere on the sarcasm scale. I can’t help it.

The first supplement is called SerraEnzyme. Now I actually received a book about this supplement called ‘The Miracle Enzyme’. I had everything great intension of reading this book but then my dog ate it. Turns out it is really long too. The main character however is pretty cool, it is the silkworm. The supplement is chemically synthesized but it was originally discovered in the gut of a silkworm where it is used to dissolve the cocoon (not to be mistaken for the film) when the worm transforms into a moth. Gross right. So why take it?

Dr. Hans Nieper is a German physician who has had great success in using the serraenzyme to promote good heart function and a good circulatory system, especially after heart surgery. The main health benefit however, being from it’s supposed anti inflammatory effects. I say supposed as studies are still being undertaken. It is felt in the medical profession that the evidence is not substantial enough to warrant taking it. Are the affects of the drug psychosomatic? Maybe. But there is no harm in currently taking it. There are been a number of testimonials claiming the benefits of this stuff are great. Studies have already shown that it has the ability to break down dead tissue so the benefits of taking it are already there. As far as the anti-inflammatory affects are, maybe the science needs to catch up.

I think that is everything I am taking done but there are a few things that maybe I should be. One massive one is iron supplements. I have always been insanely anemic to the point where I had to have an iron infusion this time last year. I can assure you it was not pleasant. For about a week after, I was aching all over so now I try and keep my iron levels topped up by various mean. Supplement it in my diet rather than take capsule supplements. I am typing supplement so often that it is starting to lose its meaning. Supplement supplement splendiement snoasiomwse. But anyway I try and eat foods high in iron.

The reasons for taking iron is obvious. It is active part of the haemoglobin molecule in the red blood cell. Without it, the molecule would not be able to bind oxygen to itself and you would die from a massive case of oxygenlessness. One of the main side affects of having low iron (that I experienced) is fatigue. That is the medical term for being constantly knackered. My situation is different as my gut finds it difficult to absorb the iron which is why it is a waste of money for me to supplement it by capsules. Everyone should make a conscious effort to have foods high in iron or take the capsules.

I am going to keep this up but here is a tune show to me by my cousin. Did make me very happy.


Happy Friday everybody. Hope we are all doing well. I know you have all cancelled your Friday night plans to sit in front of your computer and refresh facebook or wordpress in hopes to be the first to read about Day 6. I sure as hell cancelled all my plans to write this for you guys. That was a lie but if I had plans I would have cancelled them for you. I am not just a blogger, I am a masked hero veiled by the anonymity of the internet. Your friendly neighborhood BLOGGERMAN (except everyone knows who I am).

So what is it and why am I talking about it? Trick question, you don’t know what it is yet. Collagen. Yep that stuff made famous by people who mixed their insecurity and desire for cosmetic surgery with an addiction worse than crackheads. People who look like they have had such a bad reaction to something they will physically pop. Why am I talking about it then? Turns out collagen makes up about a third of the protein in our body and mainly found in fibrous tissues. Skin, tendons, ligaments, the gut, cartilage, bones, blood vessels and intervertebral discs. Basically your whole freaking body.

The more I read, the more I am convinced this stuff is magic. It helps make up and support the four chambers of the heart allowing blood to efficiently be passed from one chamber to another (any doctors reading this please correct me if this is not medically true and tell me what it does do in the heart because what I read has lots of big words I don’t understand). As collagen is a component of cartilage, it is used in…wait for it…rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis (freaking amazing). It is used in tissue regeneration and cosmetic surgery for burn victims and so on. Can be used in bone grafts. I am actually quite in shock right now.

This stuff is nuts. As I am half way through this, I am giving you guys a full album to listen to.

Who is excited about Christmas. I sure am. Have you done your Christmas shopping? Why not get your loved ones some…SUPPLEMENTS! It’s the gift that keeps on giving until the tub runs out and you can’t be bothered to buy more because supplements are unreasonably expensive. I mean they are great and all but seriously. £10 for cod liver oil. No thank you. Give me a cod and a cheese grater and I will make my own (I quite clearly don’t know how cod liver oil is made but I am willing to try in the name of science). For the record, I don’t grate fish and I’m not talking about cod liver oil today. Today it is probiotics.

Probiotics is a very deceiving name because it encompasses a range of micro organisms found in the gut. Depending what brand you get varies what bacteria (that is what I meant by micro organism) you ingest. I’m sure there is nothing I can tell you about probiotics that you haven’t heard already from a Yakult advert. When taking antibiotics (which I am sure all of us have done at some point unless you live under a sterile rock) your body looses the good as well as the bad bacteria. Probiotics help restore this balance.

By having a healthy gut, it has an affect on everything. Seriously this wikipedia article is massive with the areas it affects. Allergies, diarrhea, lactose intolerance, cholesterol, blood pressure, immune function, inflammation, eczema and the list goes on into infinity (and beyond). Harvard Medical School also released an interesting article about the benefits of probiotics. Although they say that it is best to take them when having diarrhea, they do say that there may be benefit for Crohn’s suffers to take them too. They do cover their back by saying that more research is needed.

Sorry pretty rubbish one today. I know I am slacking. Tomorrow will be better but let that not take away from the importance of probiotics.

Oh my golly gosh I am shattered. I love me a bit of blogging after a day of work. I’m sure you all have had that feeling where you just want to come home, curl up and get researching. I want you to know that I resent you all for this. Kidding. It’s all love. One good thing about doing this at the end of the day is that it did give me plenty of time to think about what my supplement of choice will be. And boy have I picked a doozy. Not sure why I am writing like a Loony Toons character. Now shhhhhhh…I’m hunting facebook likes (YOU)!

 Hyaluronic acid! If you are anything like me, you saw it started with an ‘H’ and ended with ‘acid’ and immediately called it Hydrochloric acid in your head. Am I right? It’s not obviously because last time I checked, hydrochloric acid cause acute cases of burning insides when ingested. So what is Hyaluronic acid then? Most people actually use it without even knowing. It is a fairly common ingredient in many skin creams. ‘I am spreading acid on my face and nether regions! How have I not melted?’ I hear you exclaim. Well there is a very simple explanation. Science. Science and magic.

 One of its most effective properties is it’s ability to promote tissue healing. It is often used after cataract surgery for this reason. It is also a major component of skin (hence the creams, told you there was a simple explanation) where its main function is again involved in tissue repair. It is a component of synovial fluid (fluid between the joints for all you people who think google is just a porn interface) which is another great reason for me to take it. In 2007 the European Medical Agency actually approved its use as a treatment for ankle and shoulder osteoarthritis. The molecule itself again is found in the cartilage between joints (and I need all I can get) where it absorbs water to prevent the cartilage shrinking under pressure.

I am super tired now but that is Hyaluronic acid in a nutshell. ‘Nother day ‘nother tune. Thats all folks.







For today, I closed my eyes and just picked a random tub in my potions drawer. I ended up pulling out my Vitamin D supplement so this is what I will be writing about. Interestingly enough, the actual tub say’s is supports ‘healthy moods and immune system’. No more mood swings for me. Unless you touch my food. Thats when I turn into Elmer Fudd and declare it moron hunting season. Stay away from my plate and we are alright.

This particular brand of supplements are also gluten free which is great because apparently I have an intolerance to it. Vitamin D and its benefits are fairly common knowledge so why talk about it. Well I am going to do my best to talk about it in relation to Crohn’s and Spondylitis. It’s main natural source is from the sun which is why God decided to cover Britain in the thick sheet of cloud so we don’t get distracted by its overwhelming happiness. Cynicism rules.

As it is a well known that it is essential for the body, there has been lots of research done on it (which means I actually have to read stuff and not make it up). It is responsible for enhancing the absorption of Calcium and Phosphate through the intestine. Crohn’s mangles your intestines and steroids (a common go to medication to stop Crohn’s flare up’s) decrease the bone density in your body. So if your body can’t physically absorb calcium and you are actively decreasing the bone density in your body, than you are going to end up like Samuel L Jackson in ‘Unbreakable’ (totally breakable).

Just going through wikipedia and show the many benefits of vitamin D and the most essential ways of getting it. The only other that I can see would directly affect Crohn’s and Spondylitis suffers, is that it helps boost the immune system. Now as both these disorders is due to an overactive immune system, I don’t think this is that useful but, as a preventative supplement it is fantastic. By that, I mean that when we are better and our immune system is not trying to kill us than it is great. It will help build our bone density when we come off the steroids after a flare up and strengthen is further incase it happens again (not saying it will). Taking them orally is great but obviously the best form of Vitamin D is a holiday. If only that was on the NHS.

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That fact that I have actually made it to day 2 should show that I have turned over a new leaf. Another reason that I really wanted to do this is that this week is IBD awareness week. Please if you or anyone you know has any form of IBD than please check this out and get in contact. You are not alone and it is fully possible to take your life if your own hands. Hopefully these supplement posts will help showcasing some alternatives (even though I still haven’t decided what I am writing about but have already picked the tune, I am useless).

Let me have a quick rummage through my potion cabinet. I have so many supplements and potions at the moment that if this was the 1500s, my mum would have totally been burned at the stake for being a witch. Not that she looks like one mind you (just as a fyi because she might beat me…not that she beats me). Looks like I’m getting a shovel this Christmas from my Mum.

Ok I have picked one. I am currently taking a yarrow tincture. I currently know nothing about this stuff so lets have a look. Yarrow is again a plant found in Europe, Asia and North America. So a good chunk of the habitable planet. I mean it would be pretty useless if it only grew in Antarctica. What I am taking looks like the distilled oils from the plant. These oils are mixed with about a quarter glass of water and knocked like a shot of Black Label on New Years. It tastes actually quite nice as it is quite aromatic and I was told that this would help heal the cuts and whatnot inside my body. Apparently my insides look like Rocky’s outsides in Rocky Balboa. Beat down.

This is another plant that has been used around the world since ancient times. It was used in China for I Ching divination and in Europe for wounds and cuts. The distilled oils are used as an anti-inflammatory (makes sense why I was given it) and the leaves contain a coagulant which is why it is used in the treatment of wounds. This property of increasing the rate of blood clotting is another reason why I am probably taking it. Not only does it help blood clotting but it also increases circulation (which is something I also need to do, apparently my blood takes ages to pass ‘Go’ and collect £200) and can also be used for high blood pressure.

Considering this yarrow is an anti-inflammatory and promotes blood clotting, it is no surprised I was given it. If there is inflammation inside that is bleeding than this will help. Only time will tell its full affect on me but I have an open mind and am willing to give it a go. Until tomorrow.

On the first day of Supplement my true love gave to me, a capsule with some Haldi (aka Turmeric)

This blog has been going on for a year now. Crazy. Seem like yesterday we first met. It has been nice that people have been reading and feeling inspired and it has also helped me loads too. I thank everyone who read this for that. Now it is time I start ramping this up. Need to get the word out that it is ok to feel pain but there are alternatives. As a sort of 1 year going thing, I am doing 12 straight posts about various different supplements and foods to help various different ailments. Not saying that I am taking them all, but I will be starting with everything I am taking. I will also try my hardest to stick to the rhyme scheme because I am a lyrical genius and I spit hot fire.

What has already been discovered about Turmeric could fill quite a massive blog post but I know I am going to spend most of it talking rubbish as I am known to do. Turmeric is part of a ginger family which is widely known for its medicinal properties. It is used a lot in Indian cooking but has also been used in Auyurvedic medicine since about 1900bc. It was used to treat a range of illnesses such as exzema and fevers. Usually mixed with milk and drunk, but also made into a paste and used topically. That is easily the longest I have gone without making an uncomfortable joke. Who is proud of me?

Obviously all of the above was from wikipedia but because of its wide used and various health claims, there has been lots of research into turmeric. Loads of people on that recent show ‘Health Freaks’ used it. But they also used wacky stuff like coffee enema’s so I wouldn’t put too much faith in the general public. There has been a recent study in UCLA showing that functional component of tumeric (curcumin) appears to block the enzyme that is linked with head and neck cancer. Now please don’t quote me on this. I am not a doctor or shaman or whoever you see. I am just your friendly neighborhood Shaanvir, reading stuff on the internet and passing it off as my own.

Further studies have shown its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is basically the Superman of supplements. There are very few side affects of taking daily turmeric capsules. There have been a few cases of nausea and diarrhea but lets face it, there side affects you get from most western medicine is way worse. When I was on methotrexate, I used to get madly depressed every Wednesday. It took me about a year to figure out I was feeling like this and realized that it was because of the methotrexate which I was taking every Monday. Crazy stuff.

Turmeric is awesome basically. Raw is best but obviously not super tasty so try looking for the capsules. You can put it in all your food and even mix it with a glass of warm milk and honey right before you go to sleep. I don’t care how unmanly that sounds. I will still be doing more research and if there are any other supplements you want me to look at before this is done than let me know.

I am going to leave you with The Black Keys. Great tune. Enjoy and I will speak to y’all tomorrow. Night.