Howdy everyone. I feel terrible that I haven’t put a post up in so long but I have a valid excuse. My dog ate it and the sun was in my eyes and I have writers block. Obviously none of those are true I have just been lazy. Ok that is also not 100% true. I have also been reading and researching about how to make a better blog because, lets face it, I just babble for most of mine.

Anyway, a lot has been going on. I have given up eating meat except for chicken (I need protein somehow). But eventually that will stop too. It was hard at first but I am actually feeling so much better for it. More energetic and positive. The decision wasn’t really a health one but honestly I don’t really trust what I am buying.

The Humera is still keeping the Crohn’s in check. It is really weird but even though I don’t have any symptoms, I can still feel it there and it is manifesting itself in different ways. One being my skin. I have been quite stressed the past couple of months. Don’t really know if I have shown it but I have found it quite difficult and I believe that it is because of that my skin has come up. I am trying to keep calm and meditate which is helping and also trying to take an ayurvedic approach. The ayurvedic stuff hasn’t really helped, but that is because I understand now that it is more preventative. It is more of a total lifestyle change but that is the end goal.

I have been drinking amla water every morning. Amla is an Indian gooseberry which is known in ayruvedic medicine to be pretty much beneficial for everything. It also doesn’t hurt to give it a try. Apparently, bael fruit is also very good. I don’t know much about it but if anyone does then please comment.

On a separate note, I passed my first grading in JKD yesterday. I feel like such a nerd saying it but those that know me know that I am a nerd and I can’t help it. One of the main things was to show that I knew basic boxing and stuff, then I had to spar. I felt like I dominated the sparring and felt like a total badass! Having said that, I am in some savage pain today.

Anyway that is a short update in what has been going on. I haven’t forgotten about you all but I will get back on track with it. As I said before, if people want to comment with suggestions, ideas and questions then please do. The only stupid question is an unasked one. As usual I will leave you with a tune. Probably one of my favorite artists at the moment bringing back the blues.