Good god I am 25. I am older and wiser and generally better than I was a few days ago. But birthdays and milestones like that are always a time for reflection. Like, did I expect me to be the way I am 10 years ago? The answer is obviously not. I don’t care who you are, there is no way you can predict the future. You can only prepare for it.

I got my disease at a pretty rubbish time in my life. Obviously any time to get the disease is a rubbish time but I was a teenager. I wanted to do teenager things and go to concerts, eat junk and generally be a drain on my parents, the government and society in general. I succeeded in all of that. I did plenty of stupid things. Seriously, plenty. But I don’t believe in mistakes. Only unlearned lessons.

Do I regret anything I have done in my life? Answer: No. I am pretty happy with who I am as a human being. If I hadn’t done all the stupid things I have done and if I hadn’t got Crohn’s than maybe I wouldn’t be who I am today. Not saying I am perfect (you can think that if you want and I am not blaming you for doing so) but I am happy with who I am. Obviously we all have our insecurities but they are generally pretty superficial.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that the cure for most ailments is happiness. Happiness and medicine. Just joking. But it is so hard to be truly happy these days. Being ill gave me a lot of perspective. Which I am very grateful for. Yes I am grateful for having Crohn’s. I have had enough of it now which is why I am doing this but it has taught me a lot. It has allowed me to wake up every morning and honestly say that I am happy with who I am.

Ok seriously enough of this philosophizing and junk. I got a whole bunch of juicing books the other day and I have been meaning to read them and give it a try. After a bit of research I will let you guys know what I find. In the meantime, let me leave you with the vocal styling of Laura Mvula. Got the album for my birthday and it is awesome. Oh and don’t forget to comment with ideas and things you would like me to talk about.