Still not great at updating the blog but I am getting better. After my last post, I went to my cousins house and then we went out for a drink. Predictably I felt rubbish the next day. Sometimes I seriously hate my body. On the flipside, I have officially started my training at the Bob Breen Academy hence the title of this post. Trained 3 times this week and instantly felt an improvement. By my last session yesterday I was actually getting more flexible and kicking up to shoulder height. Sometimes I totally love my body.

I also felt a difference in my digestion believe it or not. I would come back from training starving and drinking plenty of water. My stomach is feeling better because of it too. Obviously I noticed the difference with the Humera but I could still feel the familiar feeling nagging. That feeling is still there but it is less prominent now I have started the training.

I think a lot of it has to do with (as cliche as it sounds) merging mind, body and soul. I am training so I feel healthier, therefore I become healthier not only in my body but in my mind. Could also just be the endorphins. But it is still working so I will be carrying on. Nearly hit my target weight too. Just a few more pounds to go.

Another important thing in this whole new super Shaanvir is being brave. One of my cousins told me to do something once a week that you consider brave. Was considering a career in espionage but after the latest Bond movie it just looks boring so this week I will be merging my facebook, twitter and blog altogether.

Please people comment and discuss and get involved because I barely know what I am talking about. I’m just trying to share my experiences with my disease to search for a way to be drug free. Also anyone who is a sufferer and wishes to share their experiences too then please get in contact. It would be awesome to have more opinions and ideas on here. And the tune for this week is a banger and a tribute to someone I have a lot of respect for. If you haven’t read it, then pick up Assata Shakur’s autobiography.