Ok ok I know I promised that I would be better at updating my blog and failed but now I absolutely promise that this blog will be updated a few times a week. Quite a lot has happened since I last updated. Drank heavily over Christmas and New Year not learning from my previous lesson and felt terrible afterwards. I think the safest bet is to just not drink any more for the time being. Which is a plan that is currently in place. Haven’t drank for about 2 weeks now and feeling great for it.

The Humera is working wonders. No Crohn’s pains at all and I am eating so much more. I have put on about 2 stones since I have been back from America and feeling great for it. As soon as I get to 10 stones, I am starting my diet. Been checking out a few good books too. Any IBD sufferers who happen to stumble across this blog should check out ‘Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s’ by Dr David Klein. I won’t lie, I haven’t finished it but so far so great. Pretty much everything in the book so far makes logical sense. Primarily on controlling diet.

Obviously diet plays a huge role for sufferers but don’t forget that so does mental attitude. Staying positive and active through my flare up helped me cope. Obviously most of the time I just wanted to sleep and poo but that can lead to quite bad depression. I found inspiration through books like ‘The Prophet’ by Kalil Gibran and also reading the blog of Bob Breen who I want to learn JKD off.

Been given the go ahead to start training again in martial arts next week which is going to so cool. I am really looking forward to it. My next post will probably be about how much is sucks and how much pain I am in but for the time being I remain optimistic. I am going to head off now but I am going to leave you with a little tune about one of my favorite places on the planet. Chat to y’all soon. PEACE!