Well I have been fairly bad at updating my blog. Been through quite a bit over the last couple of weeks. The Humera is working wonders. I saw 9 stones for the first time in years and I am feeling strong and healthy. I still dread taking the Methotrexate because it always makes me feel like crap.

I took my last dose of Humera last week and in the past couple of days my stomach has been feeling bad. This morning the penny dropped as to why. The Christmas season has started which means drinking and eating crap. I was drinking on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and paid for it over the weekend. I wasn’t drinking heavily and only had a couple of glasses of wine but it definitely had an effect. So until I am 100% better, I will be stopping drinking.

Other then all that I have been feeling great. Now if you will excuse me, Muppet Christmas Carol is on which is hands down the best Christmas movie made. Michael Cain and Gonzo the whatever rule!